Sunday, November 13, 2005

It seems impossible, but somehow I managed to spend almost $300 on not a whole lot this week.

I'm careful with my money, so when I can spend that much on very little, it's easy to see how others can spend so much more.

People were asking me last night how I managed to pay off my loans so quickly. And I said that I lived off of $30k for over a year. They wondered how I could do it.

Well, I did it by not buying coffee. By not eating out very often. By not buying new clothes. By not having cable. By having cheap at-home vacations. By making my christmas presents for some people and just reducing my budget and being more creative for others. It's amazing how the little things add up.

I don't deny myself the things I like, but I'm realistic about what I can afford on a daily basis and what becomes a luxury.

When something becomes a luxury, you really enjoy it. When it's an everyday extravagance, I find you lose the sense of how special it is.

By that theory, then, shouldn't I be MORE happy the less I have?

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