Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Kendra and mini-Kendra

Kendra and mini-Kendra
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Kendra is marrying my brother. It's official.

She had her very first bodice fitting in my apartment tonight with my aunt Jane the seamstress and Mini-Kendra, the body double.

They're all going to be very good close if the dress is going to turn out perfect.

It's so easy to get caught up in wedding fever.

It looks like so much fun: shopping for the perfect pretty dress, having everyone pay attention to you, figuring out how exactly you will do your hair in a year from now, people offering to help you do everything.

All because of a ring and a ceremony.

All the same, I'm pretty excited for them.

And Kendra is, too. She went shopping today with my mom and aunt Jane to look at fabric. I met them for dinner and I thought Kendra might burst when she showed me the swatch she'd picked out.

I've agreed to do a wedding site for the happy couple, so stay tuned for details. It'll have more of this type of posting on it - just following them along to their big day. Basically, The Kendra and Matt Show.

Fun times!


Anonymous said...

Is there any news on Matt ? Or is it as usual , the groom just sort of has to show up .

Unknown said...

I think Matt has left much up to Kendra to decide. However, when and if he has decisions to make, he'll be able to post those as well. At least, that's the site that I'm going to make for them.

At this point, he hasn't had to do much besides choose his groomsmen and look at ceremony and reception locations with Kendra.

I'm sure they will post about those things when their site is up and running.