Thursday, November 24, 2005

Holy crap, I hate cold! Our first snow of the season and you'd think I'd never been through it before. I'm a-quiver with bitterness.

No wonder I get fat during the winter: I never want to go outside!

I'm not kidding: if I could huddle inside my apartment for the whole winter, I would totally do it.

I mean, as long as people would bring me decaf lattes from time to time...


Anonymous said...

i love the winter. couldnt have been happier with the snow. truly enjoyed looking out my apt window watching the snow fall on the cars on the gardiner.

Unknown said...

Sure, I love looking out the window when I'm all warm inside. Preferably, at my parents' house with my feet up at the woodstove.

But not so much when my shoulders are in a constant state of shivering, all hunched up, with miserable, cold, wet feet.