Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Oh the sweet, sweet joy of working only a 7.5-hour day.
Of leaving the office when the sun is still out.
Of laughing a little.

But, I tell ya, it's damn tough work dealing with a grumpy boyfriend when you are yourself extremely grumpy.

What DOES one do in such situations?

Telling them that they're grumpy does not help. That's for sure. I should know; I also HATE that.

Going for yummy coffee and chatting doesn't help either. That would totally help me, although I might prefer a good book, magazine or my journal.

Hugging helped. A little.

But sleep is the only solution. For cranky babies there's really no substitute. Except maybe playing your favourite song really loud and dancing around your apartment.

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Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that working late is in your genes. I just got home. Taking pleasure in my cat greeting me .. eating diet jello slathered with half a litre of coolwhip followed by turtles for fiber. Take pleasure in small things like the fact that we HAVE jobs to complain about. We don't go to bed hungry & CSI is on