Friday, November 11, 2005

Just got back from Alex's show.

They had a pretty good show at the Horseshoe and what made it even better was that I got to have dinner with Scott and Kat. They're so great. They seem so happy and it really gives me a lot of hope.

Of course, they're very excited about being pregnant.
(Again, it seems that everyone's getting married, buying houses and having babies these days.)

I really don't get together with them enough.

And then Mike was able to join us at the Horseshoe and he had an animated story or two to tell, as usual! We've been friends since university (me, Scott, Mike). We've all changed somewhat but I can honestly say we have all become better people. Even though I totally loved us then, we're so way better now.

Funny, I always thought it went downhill from university.

But here I am, totally in love, living in a cute apartment with a decent job and a packed social calendar that doesn't involve drinking myself into oblivion.

Who knew?


Anonymous said...

You're very sweet. I agree that it was good to see everyone.


Raye said...

sad i missed a rye-gang reunion.
glad to see that you have rediscovered some of your life joy, cath!
can't wait to see you soon - and i promise, that in spite of my east coast antics, i will not make you to drink to oblivion.