Sunday, November 20, 2005

I always find it interesting to check out my site statistics.

I mean, I'm not selling anything, so I don't look at them a huge amount. Don't get me wrong, I really ENJOY seeing the number of people who visit my site. I find it ultimately flattering. I cannot imagine that 500 unique visitors drop by every month. That seems a lot, when I really feel that I haven't been at my best in the past year.

I mean, let's be honest: I'm whiney and not very scandlous lately. So what's the draw? I guess it's gotta be that people just wanna stay up to date on what's happening in my oh-so-exciting life.

I get a lot of people finding my site via

And someone found my site by searching "pee her pants" - I couldn't figure that one out. But I went to and put that in and sure enough, up came my site as the #1 result. How very strange. I must pee my pants a lot. Or talk about others who pee their pants.

Honestly, I think there are people who deserve this honour far more than I do. There are whole websites on the topic that come up below mine, for goddessakes!

But I do get traffic from people who search for "bad toronto movers". YAY! Number 15 in Yahoo! If I can warn one more person off of Logan Movers, I will feel that I've had some justice. Scammers.



Stephanie said...

Hey Cath - I always check your site! It is part of my morning ritual. I am so awful with phoning people that blogs are the only way I seem to be able to keep up with my friends. I also come to your site a lot by accident because it is next to my company website on my favourites. Although, I always check to make sure there is nothing new when I do land here :) Your writing has been great lately!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cath!
Sometimes I google "My shoes look like sex" JUST to make sure that it's still a Googlewhack (one hit!)


Anonymous said...

I should add, so I don't look like a lunatic pervert, that that phrase is what is written on my bio page on your site. Ha.