Saturday, October 29, 2005

As I sat drinking my tea this morning, reading about NOW Magazine's Best of Toronto's activists, I started to think about, selfishly, me.

What was I planning to do today? Clean my apartment? Maybe work on some financial stuff that I've been meaning to get to, get a haircut, talk to my boyfriend, create another posting for my timeshare.

Me, my, mine.

When's the last time I did anything for someone else? For this city I live in and my neighbours who share it with me? When's the last time I actually felt that these cohabitants were actually my neighbours?

Reading about the best Toronto activists, I felt a little small.

Yes, I'm busy. I'm busy working for me. I'm working on my career, my voice, my apartment, my financial future.

Where's the inspiration? Where's my commitment to the human race, or just to improving life in the place I live? (Think global, act local, afterall.)

My parents have always been involved. They've coached soccer and hockey teams, even running the organizations, providing the recreational opportunities that are so important in keeping kids engaged and motivated instead of seeking their sense of belonging in more destructive ways. They've been involved with their church, with charity organizations, donating their time and money quite selflessly.

Haven't I learned from them?

Perhaps this is why I feel so uninspired by life right now. It's difficult to feel the purpose of an existence when it consists of so many historically unimportant elements, when it touches so few.

I think it might be time to contribute to something larger than myself, so that I can begin to look at life as a shared existence and adventure instead of a solo slog.


Anonymous said...

Psychiatry Today, a very interesting magazine, had an article in it regarding happiness. They wrote that beauty & money (above what is needed), 2 things that eveyone is SURE will make them happy, apparently has only a transient effect on happiness. Friends & volunteerism gave people much more lasting happiness. I sent the article to someone who I felt would find it interesting so I can not remember more. Like the happiness you gave someone by attending a family function that made those people think : wow she would give up an evening of her exciting (they think) single life to come see us. Sewing baby quilts for freinds is also a giving thing.
It was on the news last week that the country with the highest percent volunteerism was Holland while Canada ranked second with 21% of people doing some sort of volunteer work.Interesting as I had been complaining of how hard it was to get people to help wiht a certain bazaar

Stephanie said...

Just wanted to remind you that you do do wonderful things for other people. For example, the awesome baby quilt you made for Charlotte. It is one of the most amazing, thoughtful things anyone has ever done for her/me. You are a very giving person! Remember, sometimes we have to be kind to ourselves in order to be kind to others.

If do happen to look at volunteering, may I be very biased and suggest leading a Sparks, Brownies or Guide unit. It is an amazing experience to teach young girls new things and watch them as they camp, hike and build things for the first time. Inspiring girls to be powerful, strong and independent is an awesome journey and one which I personally recommend :)