Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday night at home in my quiet apartment.

I luxuriate in it.

I pull on my yoga pants and a cozy sweater and curl up on my orange couch. God, I love my couch. I turn on David Gray. Damn, I love David Gray. I read the grocery store flier - a guilty pleasure - and a letter from my mom while I sing. I talk to an old friend. I catch up on news of my terribly exciting friend.

My stomach flutters with excitement when I realize that I don't HAVE to do ANYTHING.

Goosebumps rise in expectation of the glorious decadence of it all. My shoulders fall and my satisfied breath fills my lungs and belly.

Eyelids lowered, I listen to the hum of the refridgerator as my spine tingles.

I will make myself some tea and life will be complete.

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Raye said...

That sounds like a very nice friday night.

I was hoping to have one like that until I bowed to the pressures that be and went on a shots&rye binge for 6 hours, lost my graduation-gift-watch, threw a crazy fit over the losing of said watch, and ended up at a private party at a Canadian Forces Base.

Maybe I'll try for nice Saturday night.