Sunday, October 16, 2005

Today I went to look at townhouse-style condos out in King West (Liberty Village). Wow, are they ever building a lot out there right now.

It's kind of cool, because it's a bit of an old factory district that's being slowly refurbished and a lot of interactive companies have set up shop there. So it's up-and-coming. But there's a not a lot there yet. And what is there can get a bit scary.

Of course, I'm a total scaredy-baby.

However, even a condo is almost outside my reach there.
Why does real estate in Toronto cost so much? Very depressing.

And then I visited my friend Steph in Aurora to see her and her new(ish) baby, Charlotte. I finally delivered her baby quilt to her. She loved it - YAY, all that work was worth it! - and we had a nice chat about real estate. It's so much cheaper to live outside the city.


But my life would be so different. And I would need to buy a car.

I refuse!

So I think that means I have to buy a cheap-ass condo. So a-looking I will go...

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