Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Another day of rain.

It's getting downright depressing. I haven't been able to ride my bike home from work yet. I think my bike's been there over a week!

I think the lack of exercise is starting to get to me.

I long for the sunshine.

I really quite loathe cold weather. I am just NOT a cute fall girl. I don't look that great in turtlenecks, the fleece doesn't fly in the office and I feel bulky in layers.

Fall. Quite the fashion dilemma.

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Raye said...

We have the tailings of hurricane wilma blowing through the trees here - it has rained for three days as well ... lotsa rain!
I have a tendency to go 2-3 days and never go outside AT ALL as my apt. bldg is attached to the school. This allows me to wear cute outfits all the time - but it doesn't help my complexion or my muscles.
In other words ... I feel your pain.