Sunday, July 30, 2006

Well, the party was a totally fun! Lots of people came by. There was a steady stream that started with my parents at 11:30am (who helped me finish up a few things - thank you!) and ending with Alex's degenerate band members at 1am ;)

Thanks to all who came by - I loved taking everyone through the house on tours, even though it was ungodly hot. The air con hasn't been decided on yet, but with the Home Depot gift certificates, we're definitely going to get a ceiling fan soon, which should help a LOT!

We also got lots of wine, an IKEA gift certificate and a few really thoughtful unique gifts and food (homemade hummous and pesto-cheese spread). Thank you to everyone for the gifts - we really appreciate it!

I don't think I sat down all night. Having a small house means that the guests were spread out over the night, which was fantastic because I got to talk to more people, but it also meant that I needed to clean up some space for the next round every time. Actually, my mom and Alex's mom also helped in that regard (thanks again!). I'll tell you, the meeting of the families was a little weird, but seemed to go OK.

So now I'm very very tired and faced with a ginormous clean-up job. But that's OK. I had a wonderful time and now I can relax in our home!


Anonymous said...

Your house is beautiful and I'm sorry that my son was such a complainer.


Anonymous said...

dear cathy. glad your party was a success. sad that i missed it. i was at hillside, now know to me as 'the suckiest festival on the planet'. there were lots of dirty half naked hippie types in attendence. be thankful they werent at your party.

yay cathy's party. yay!