Friday, July 21, 2006

What I want for my birthday:
  • manicure and pedicure
  • actually, day at the spa would be even better (check out deals at
  • there's this really nice Victoria's Secret perfume that the wife of a guy in Alex's band wears. It smells pretty close to the Body Shop strawberry (my fave - discontinued)
  • theatre - I'm going to Shakespeare in the Park the day after my birthday, which is nice. But I also like the Stratford Festival, the Shaw Festival and small theatre stuff in Toronto.
  • programmable thermostat - something fancy so I can program it to be cooler when I'm not around during the day, but that can have a pre-set "I'm home during the week" override setting.
  • IKEA gift certificate
  • Home Depot gift certificate
  • gardening book - Gaia's Garden (or something about natural gardening) or Gardening for Canadian Dummies, or something pretty simple for me to figure out what to plant and how to keep it looking good.
  • gardening magazine subscription - Canadian please!
  • Home decor and renovation magazines - again, Canadian mags only!
  • plants that will look nice outside my house - I don't know which ones, since I know nothing about gardening. That's what the reading material is for. I'm sure you know better than I do.
  • deck furniture? I'd really like to have something that can stay outside and is not going to look all crappy in a week.

Am I greedy?

But I figure, if people are going to buy me things, it might as well be stuff I like or need. Right?


Anonymous said...

so not greedy cathy, helpful. especially for people who like to give gifts that people will use!

Anonymous said...

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All the best!!!xoxo