Saturday, July 08, 2006

There is a dishwasher sitting on the sidewalk on my street. It looks brand new. Is it for the house that's just been renovated and sold for too much?

I can't tell.

I want it.
I can't imagine someone would just leave a dishwasher on the sidewalk that they weren't trying to give away. On the other hand, what is it doing there? Why hasn't anyone taken it yet? Who do I ask about that? Do I really want it?

So many questions.
I wish I knew more about owning a home.

I mean, I had to learn all about the wonderful world of waste disposal last Monday night. I had no idea. And even though I thought I understood the instructions on the city website, I still had a mix up with the green bin. Oh well, next time I will be perfect.

But seriously, I could have almost NO actual garbage, as you can recycle almost EVERYTHING here! It's awesome.

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