Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm in the middle of an RFP process for a new content management system (professionally, not personally).

And I can't believe how unprofessional some respondents have been.

One company in particular was snotty to me on the phone when I first contacted them about the opportunity. They acted like I would be lucky if they deigned to participate Then, after I sent out the RFP they wrote to me telling me that they would not participate because they didn't meet our technical requirements but that if we wanted to UPGRADE our systems so that they would match with their SUPERIOR product, please call them.

Strange. Because I'd done my research and knew they did meet our requirements. So I wrote back that I respected if they decided not to go after our business but that my research had uncovered that they met our requirements as laid out in the RFP. I also ask that they please let me know if my understanding of their product was incorrect.

He wrote back that he'd spoken with a developer and I was correct - they DID meet our requirements. All stop.

So, I responded, does this mean that you will participate?

No response.

OK, I figured they were embarassed by their own ignorance about their product and decided they had blown their chances anyway. Fine. That's one less proposal to review.

So, I didn't blink when they didn't send in their Intention to Respond.

But today, the original deadline for proposal submissions, I get an email with the guy's proposal. It doesn't answer/address all of the questions and it uses incorrect English with ridiculous numbers of spelling mistakes in the little text that they do have.

Why would you submit something like that?

Complete garbage.

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