Monday, July 03, 2006

Almost 2am on Sunday night. Finally checking my email again.

I finished painting the bottom floor at about 1am. Cleaned up, etc.

I had the goal of finishing this up today. Problem is, Alex and I went to Starbucks this morning and then had the amazing idea to go to IKEA today to pick some things out in case I could then get my parents to drive the stuff we need home when they come to visit tomorrow.

So it ended up being a huge ordeal of a day and we didn't get home until 10:30pm. I was quite upset with myself for doing almost zero work on the house. I suppose I'd done about a quarter of one wall in the morning before Alex woke up. I wasn't feeling good about that at all.

The other problem is that, the day before (Saturday), I didn't get much done either. I woke up and started painting immediately. Once Alex got up, I went out to do some errands, which included going to Starbucks and the grocery store and the bank.

I got back and painted until Alex's family arrived. They got the post-move-in tour before they took us out for some greek food. By the time we got back from our late lunch, it was 6pm. Time to go to Edgefest - Keane was playing! I love Keane.

Sadly, we missed half of their set and it poured. Our Lady Peace was on after them and they were pretty brutal. I actually think they're not bad in their recorded stuff, but their lead singer, Raine, is just not a good singer. Ugh.

We went out for Dairy Queen with friends who also went to the concert and came back to our place to give them the quick tour. And then it was time for bed, pretty much. Although I did end up emptying 3 more boxes before getting there.

Even so, I just HADN'T accomplished what I'd wanted to.

So I just had to finish the downstairs today. And so here I am at 2am.

Tired. Sleeping time.
Because I have to get up early to start painting the stairway. Good times.


Kat said...

Cath - cut yourself from slack for goodness sake! You have gotten a tonne done already. Rome wasn't built in a day. You have time to make this home your own.

Unknown said...

Of course, you're probably right. But I am my mother's daughter and I often feel bad when I'm not being productive.

Being productive has many meanings... the meaning of it was different when I lived in the apartment. Being productive then was about cooking a meal, cleaning the bathtub and possibly working on my website.

All of those things have now taken a backseat, or perhaps have been thrown in the trunk, until after the major house stuff is done.

I have a goal now:

I'm thinking of having the house warming party on July 22nd. Who's available and who's not?

Kat said...

Unfortunately we have a dinner party on the 22nd. :(