Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So here it is: my birthday.

I started out not really excited, even forgetting that the next day was my birthday. I was more worried about getting the house ready for Saturday... at least to the point where I wouldn't be embarassed to have people over.

I'm still worried, because the place is still a construction zone.

And then, this morning, I woke up a zillion times thinking about what I'd wear and do to make today special. Finally, I got up to answer the call of nature, even though I was dead tired. Seriously, I feel a bit sick. But I feel like a child with butterflies in my stomach. THIS is how you're supposed to feel on your birthday.

So I wake up and come downstairs to see that Alex has set up my birthday present: a new monitor. There was anything wrong with my old monitor, but this one is a flat screen, so I'm sure it's much better. It certainly takes up less space on the desk. I know nothing about monitors, to be honest. But Alex does.

So, as my birthday dawns, grey and rainy, I type my birthday message, viewing it on my birthday present.

I intend to treat myself today.

I will wear a pretty skirt. I will go to Starbucks for breakfast. There will be some sort of surprise for me at work - I know that Allen will take care of that. I will get myself a manicure and pedicure after work. And I will eat out for free at Casey's tonight (they do a free bday dinner).

And then I will come home and continue to work on my house.

I thought of another thing that I could really use for my birthday or house warming: MAID SERVICE!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cath! I will try to make it on Saturday. Hope it's a day you'll never forget :)