Monday, July 03, 2006

Turns out that I not only work myself like a dog, I'm also into torturing family members.

Mom and Dad have just left after a day of subjecting them to the drudgery that is my life at the moment. Yikes, I do feel bad. Originally, the plan was to hang out and do it all together - good family yardwork fun!

Then Alex and I realized that it's not often that we get a car at our disposal and decided that we really needed to get that bathroom storage unit so that we can stop stepping around all the crap in the bathroom and finally USE it.

So that's done. My mom and I picked it up and I will assemble it before bed. That's the goal. And we picked up some soil from the Crappy Tire Garden Centre so that I can actually plant something in the planters that I just bought from IKEA.

Meanwhile, my dad weeded my garden, raked up the garbage, mowed the lawns, pruned trees.

Good times for all.

We topped it all off with a trip to Dairy Queen. That fixes everything, don't you think?

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