Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What a weekend!

Friday, my bike was stolen from outside my workplace. I was so shocked and sad. I guess they just snipped my lock and took it. VERY sad story. I wanted to cry.

That night, Sara (with no 'h') came over again to help me with house stuff. We went to Canadian Tire first to buy more spray-on rust paint for the deck railng. TASK: FINISHED

Saturday, I went to Scott and Kat's house to meet Max, their new baby. He's totally awesome! The little guy has personality!

On the way home, I stopped in at a great high-end shoe outlet to see if I can get sandals that won't wreck my feet. And I stopped at the Etobicoke IKEA to take back some stuff and I even managed to restrain myself and buy only ONE other thing!

Back at home, Alex and I accomplished a few house tasks (mowing the lawn, washing the dishes, etc) before heading out to Oshawa to sleep at his mom's air conditioned house. I told his mom my sad bike story and she gave me one of the bikes in her garage. YAY!

Sunday, we were off to Keswick to visit with my friend Evelyn and her family. Her kids Claire and Jude are so perfect it's almost sickening. I even got to swim in their pool and they made a nice BBQ dinner for us.

Then it was back to Toronto so I could pack an overnight bag, pick my dad up at the airport and drive him home. Slept overnight there and drove in to work Monday morning with my mom's car.

WHEW - I'm exhausted from the weekend. Time for some relaxing work!


Sara Desjardins said...

Yaay for a new bike!!

Glad you had a busy weekend, but didn't focus too much on the house - you need a break sometimes!


Anonymous said...

This seems like a good place to quote Bruce McCulloch's "Open Letter to the Guy Who Stole His Bike Wheel".


"Well, why did you do it? Are you some sort of jerk or something? It's MY front wheel! What did you think, that I'd -- drive home and not notice it was stolen? What are you then? Some sort of PRICK? Some sort of idiot? Some sort of thief? What would you do with just my front wheel anyway? What good would just one wheel be? You human loser! Well, why didn't you buy your own wheel if you wanted one so badly. That's what I did. Well, don't you think I need that wheel? Well, well, what were you thinking? JERK!"


P.S. Your new boyfriend in the post above is a cutie.

Anonymous said...

I am aware of the "hiding" place of some homeless people. They have all sorts of junk, including bicycle parts. I am somewhat certain that a homeless person stole my bike, because I don't know who would want that piece of crap.