Friday, July 28, 2006

Just fell asleep on the patio on my lunch. I am tired today!

Last night was our first MaRS Social Committee event. Did I mention that I'm sort of leading the Social Committee? Well, I set up the committee and everyone else on the committee leads an event of their choice.

Last night was Shakespeare in the Park. We saw A Comedy of Errors which was funny, but really not one of Willy's best. Nor one of CanStage's, to be honest.

I've gone to see the plays for the last 3 years and I found their Taming of the Shrew and The Tempest to be far superior. But perhaps a bit more weighty. This one was full of slapstick and predictable mistaken identities. I had high hopes from the NOW magazine review. But the Kid Koala scratch was barely noticeable and the only Gautier-esque costume, I thought, was the one worn by the Madame (who actually was one of the better actresses).

A bit disappointing, but no deterrent - I will continue to go to these shows and seek out other outdoor theatres in the city.

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