Thursday, July 13, 2006

Exciting news! Heather had her baby!

Almost equally exciting is that I found out about the news while checking my email via my cell phone! Yes, I was on the phone with Telus yesterday, trying to figure out how to reduce my cell phone bill when they offered me this SPARK plan (which is a whole bunch of bells and whistles including web, email, text messaging, MSN messaging) for free for two months!

Well, of course I got it for Alex, since he uses that stuff. And then I realized that it also includes the voice mail and caller ID that I currently pay $7 for and decided I might as well get that free for two months while I'm trying out a bunch of features that I probably will never use again.

So I'm an exciting member of the Tech Geek Community now!

And Heather is a mother.
Kind of dwarfs everything, doesn't it?

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