Sunday, July 09, 2006

Well, leave it to Alex and I to focus on a low-priority item to eat up our Sunday.

We bought a BBQ.
It's a Thermos, 3-burner, 36,000 BTUs, cast-iron grill that we got at Canadian Tire.

We got a pretty good price, plus I got to use my Canadian Tire christmas coupon to help pay for it.

So we bought all the necessary accessories. A cleaning brush. Some utensils, including a basting brush. And then then propane tank. All said and done, it cost over $300, but at least we'll have a BBQ for our house warming party.

By the way, on that score, we've figured out the best day is July 29th. It's a Saturday. So I'll try to send out an evite soon. Please plan to drop by that day/evening!

It's a combination birthday/house-warming party, actually. It'll be only 3 days after my, uh, 25th birthday. Actually, I'm not at all shy about the fact that I'll be 31. I think I'm going to try a redo of my 30th birthday, which was a bit of a debacle.

Anyway, I didn't manage to get the hallway/stairway painted, like I'd planned this weekend. I did manage to get the bannister stripped. I also got a few more of Alex's boxes unpacked. And I got lots of groceries.

I just need to get most of this big stuff done before the house warming, so people don't feel like they're stepping into a war zone.

I get so anxious about it all. I just have to focus on the next task so I don't get overwhelmed. And I have to stop being bitter about doing most of the work - I'm choosing to do that work. But I just can't stand living in the clutter and the filth. I want a nice clean house sometime soon.

So the next question: do I replace the gutters myself? Or do I get a professional to do it?


Kat said...

Awesome - I have booked us for the 29th to be at your housewarming :)

Good gawd - get someone else to do the gutters!!

Anonymous said...

hello! a bbq purchase is HIGH priority! it's summer, but not for long, so enjoy! and besides, it's easier to bbq than unpack the kitchen :)