Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm pretty fascinated by trying out new web tools/software.

So today, I set up a Yahoo 360 blog to just talk about that kind of crap, since it's more professionally related and I'm not sure about posting that to this blog, since this blog tends to be more personal.

So here's my page:

I'm kind of interested in seeing what this 360 thing is all about. Theoretically, I can connect my images from Flickr here, but it doesn't seem to want to let me do that. Grr.

This space may be completely useless, but I'm doing a test, just as I did with the MSN space. It seems to be more useful so far. Aside from having cute Avatars (that's the cartoony-me picture that you'd see on my yahoo page).

Anyway, in my blog, you'll see that I started up a del.icio.us account too. That's just a place on the Web where you can store your bookmarks. I was tired of not finding the bookmarks I needed because they were on my computer at home or I'd forgotten to export them from my last workplace or whatever.

In other news, it is too hot to be outside and just hot enough to be inside, happily geeking out in my air conditioned office.

Soon, Sara with no 'h' will come to my house to help drink up some of the left-over house warming party wine. I think we'll have to sit in my basement as there is still no air conditioning Chez WebGoddessCathy.

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