Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Just when I thought I was getting bored (or boring), I am suddenly inspired by looking up my stats, which led me to find out about a top exit page, which I promptly read (to clarify, it was the post that I read that inspired me, not the stats).

The post is one that I wrote in Sydney after reading SHE magazine about "How to be Happy."

I thought I'd like to see how things have progressed in just over 3 years. (Goodness has it been that long?)

The list:

1. two things to do every day to inspire myself
2. two people I want to meet this year
3. two things I want to learn
4. two things I want to finish
5. two things I want to start
6. two material things I want in my lifetime
7. two books I want to read
8. two places I want to go
10. two things I want to eliminate from my life

My list (and progress):

1. a) Previous answers and progress
  • walk through a park - I used to do it every day in Australia. Now I ride my bike to/from work and try to choose the quieter streets and go a little slower to enjoy it. I've started a walking club and I try to take my group somewhere pretty in downtown Toronto every week. But I don't know if I'd call that "inspiring".

  • read while I drink my tea - well, I haven't had much time to do that lately. While I was at my apartment, I had my weekend morning ritual of coffee and magazine reading. Totally loved it. Haven't done that since I've been in the house. Must get back to it.

    b) THIS YEAR: must do better on this one - I'm definitely missing a sense of inspiration. Ideas (although not necessarily daily ones):
  • take a course
  • go for walks early in the morning or in the evening

    2. a) Previous answers and progress
  • someone interesting from an exotic place - totally met lots of these people on my trip. This year I met Jesse, a musician from Tasmania.
  • someone who inspires me - the CEO of my company

    b) THIS YEAR:
  • a good doctor/counsellor
  • a professional mentor

    3. a) Previous answers and progress
  • scuba diving - done! - got my advanced diving license
  • surfing - done! - took 2 classes

    b) THIS YEAR:
  • patience
  • how fix a bike

    4. a) Previous answers and progress
  • this trip - done! - totally smoked that trip!
  • the Lord of the Rings Trilogy - done!

    b) THIS YEAR:
  • unpacking
  • renovating

    5. a) Previous answers and progress
  • a professional web site - nope
  • loving and believing myself - um, better on the former, not so great on the latter

    b) THIS YEAR:
  • site redesign, including a professional section
  • being truly supportive and unselfish

    6. a) Previous answers and progress
  • a house - done - I'm sitting in it!
  • a wedding ring - no deal

    b) THIS YEAR: tough one as I really don't feel that I want much beyond what I have...
  • a pretty garden to sit out in
  • a gorgeous deep bathtub

    7. a) Previous answers and progress
  • tales of a female nomad - done
  • The High King - done

    b) THIS YEAR:
  • 1000 Places to See Before You Die
  • Suggestions?

    8. a) Previous answers and progress
  • The Great Barrier Reef - done!
  • Fraser Island - done!

    b) THIS YEAR:
  • Thailand
  • Cape Breton Island

    10. a) Previous answers and progress
  • caring so much what others expect from me or think about me
  • fear of failure (or my ridiculous notion of what constitutes failure)
    I'm still struggling with these

  • the above
  • my sense of urgency about pretty much everything


    I accomplished a lot.
    I can do a lot more to nurture myself.
    It's probably a good idea to do a list like this every once in a while to refocus.
    I can't count to 10.
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    Raye said...

    wonderful reflection cath. i may have to theif this list for my own site to start my own annual reflection - if you don't mind!