Saturday, August 12, 2006


That great non-working time when all the cool people do cool things.

Weekends, chez Cathy: work late on Friday just so you can bike home (after the bike repair shop is closed - grr), water the plants, do laundry, change the bed sheets, resand and restain the banister. Make quick plans for Saturday as your boyfriend has ditched you for the weekend.

Saturday, wake up as early as you normally do, try to sleep in unsuccessfully. Watch terrible episodes of home improvement shows while drinking a smoothy (OK, that part was pretty damn good) and think about whether to ride your bike to the distillery district for the dance festival or whether you can drop it off at the bike shop and walk that far.

Water more plants, do more laundry, admire the banister now that it has non-defective stain on it. Freeze inside while you debate how you're going to go about your day in the sunshine.

OK, that's it. I'm OUT of here!

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