Thursday, August 31, 2006

What fun things are you doing on your long weekend?

I'm not at all sure WHAT I'm doing, but I really have an itch to do something different/interesting/fun.

Thoughts? Recommendations?


  • shop for duvet cover/curtain/bedsheet material
  • paint and do house reno errands/work
  • call every friend I know and go be social
  • shop. Preferably Winners. Bad idea for the pocketbook.
  • Go for a long walk and bike ride
  • Go to the Chet Baker festival at Yonge-Dundas square
  • go home to my parents' house
  • sleep in, eat bon bons, lounge on the couch and watch HGTV


Anonymous said...

winter is coming! do the summery stuff now while you have the weather...

CityRat said...

you could help me paint!