Friday, September 01, 2006

So, one big project out of the way. Mostly.

And another big project - the weekend - on deck. Haven't had many recommendations from people. SERIOUSLY, where ARE you when I need help?

I have made a commitment to myself: be positive.

Sounds easy. But, damn, it is not easy when you keep getting stood up, when house problems keep creeping up, when projects at work are behind schedule and lack resources.

So I must remember to figure out how to just BE HAPPY. No matter what happens.

New matra. Stay positive. Let's see how this works.


Sara Desjardins said...

Let's go have fun in Bala! That sounds positive! Perhaps we can squeeze in more mini golf ;)

Yaay for long weekends and having the world as your oyster! :D

Anonymous said...

"A house is like a mistress: never satisfied." -- anon.

OK, icky quote, but seriously - relax and enjoy it! You can't get it done all at once.