Monday, September 11, 2006

Toronto Film Festival 2006

Toronto Film Festival 2006
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Managed to get to a film festival movie last night for free! I really do love going to at least one every year.

This year it was "The Pleasure of Your Company".

I knew nothing about the film before I arrived. I invited my favourite film festival buddy, Sarah. She knew nothing about the film, either. And we both loved it!

Great comedic timing, the awkwardness was palpable, and I actually laughed out loud, which is unusual for me (Alex will attest to that). Apparently, it was low budget, but it totally didn't seem like it. It was very well done.

Yes, it was romantically cheesey ridiculous. Don't expect anything less. But you will laugh. Try not to read anything else about it before you go see it.

After the showing, we were interviewed by Starz TV about the movie. If you subscribe, you might get to see my famous TV appearance!

I found that the Q&A session that followed the movie was almost better. The director/writer and Jason Biggs were actually even funnier in person. Congrats to them on getting me to laugh!

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