Thursday, September 28, 2006

There's nothing I dislike more than jargon or corporatese.


Who likes that stuff? Who got up one day and thought, "I should speak and write in a manner that no one will actually understand so that I can pretend I know what a lot of big words mean" ?

Seriously, people!
I know you know someone who communicates this way.

They say things like "co-location of target communities of science, business and capital—communities energized and engaged by catalytic programs and services and structured networks" and think that people are bobbing their heads emphatically because they understand and agree -- instead of just to hide the fact that they nodded off.

Whatever happened to short, concise sentences? To meaningful, straightforward words?

They've been lost - buried by the suits who believe that "Taurus excreta cerebrum vincit" (bullshit baffles brains).

And now for those who have one of these people at work:

Just press "enter" and you'll be able to contribute to the stupid corporatese conversations coming soon to a boardroom near you.

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