Monday, September 18, 2006

You know, the most frustrating thing about the internet is that there's just so MUCH of it.

I love it but I hate that I can't get to it all. It would suck every living second out of me if I were to spend time with every interesting thread that I picked up.

Take today's emails, for example.

IgoUgo sends me their annual hall of fame announcement - basically a list of all the outstanding members of their travel community. I've taken to ignoring their emails, because there's only so much I can read.

But, for some reason, I opened it thinking, "I wonder what kind of person wins these awards?" (And I thought that maybe one of them could inspire me with an idea for my next big trip.)

And what I found was not what I expected. I thought I would find young punk hard-nosed adventure travellers who'd make me feel bad that I hadn't done that mountain or seen that temple. But no. These are people of all ages. Who love all types of travelling.

I followed a couple of the intriguing profiles: Idler, HobWahid, SamePenny. I read a few of their journeys. I wanted to read more. I wanted to contribute to MY journal.

But of course that would mean that I will definitely NOT get to bed at a reasonable time like I'd planned because I'm still sick.

And then, in my landscaping newsletter, I was educated about mosquito magnets. I had no idea these gadgets existed! Again, I wanted to do more research.

And then Tree emails me about this KILLER teak patio set on Craiglist, which I'm totally in love with but realized that, no matter what a great deal it is, it's STILL way too big for my backyard. I SO wanted to do a search for other patio furniture that people might be selling off. Or for that wardrobe that I really need...

But seriously, I can't. There's just too much. And I have to take the garbage out and get to bed.

Never mind all the friend's blogs that I'd like to read. I finally managed to read about Raye's secret admirer, for goddessakes! What kind of friend AM I? I managed to leave a comment (what do you think of my theory?) and wanted to keep going through all the posts, finding out what's going on in Raye's life right now and comment on all of it, but I had to stop.

I love that I work on the web, but I really wish I had more time for it.

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