Saturday, September 02, 2006

So, I had so much stuff to do that I'm not even getting through my list. However, holy crap, my banister is looking SO good! Not completely done yet, but pretty close! So excited that it will be done soon and I can just sit there and admire it. Oh and I WILL sit there and admire, dammmit.

Plus, I managed to get Alex's stinky duvet over to the dry clearners. Thursday I will have a pretty, almost new bed cover!

Sadly, all of my outdoor activities were cancelled due to copious amounts of rain. However, it meant that I was able to concentrate on the banister and not feel bad about being inside.

And I was able to work on Anita's website, which I feel pretty good about.

Nothing I love more than being productive.

And now we're debating whether or not we can go out tonight since we MAY need to wake up early to get to Bala where The Free Press is supposed to be playing tomorrow. I like going out, but no one's happy when I haven't slept.

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