Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What a gorgeous weekend!

Sadly, I was in a car for most of it, but it was great.

I went with my parents to visit my grandmother. I haven't seen her since Christmas, I think, so it was great to talk to her. It really makes me appreciate everything about youth - my eyesight, my hearing, my energy and mobility. I'm really very lucky.

On our way home, we went blueberry picking - YUM, blueberries are my favourite! I've never been blueberry picking before. It was so easy. Picking strawberries is back-breaking work as the plants are so close to the ground. I thought that blueberry bushes were too - not true! They're like trees! And just packed with the bright blue clusters of berries.

So, of course, we had blueberry pancakes.

We visited Matt and Kendra and had dinner with them. We talked about all of their wedding plans and their honeymoon. It's the first time I ever heard my brother talk about having kids. Eery.

Monday, my mom and dad and I had lunch together (aforementioned blueberry pancakes) before my mom drove me back to Toronto.

I love it when she drives me because she's always so eager to get stuff accomplished. First, and most important, we went to Dairy Queen (although the Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard that I had wasn't very good). We went to Home Depot and bought a ceiling fan and a screen door (although the screen door didn't fit in our trunk, so we had to return it and then found out that we couldn't order it online either!). We had a coffee. We went to Canadian Tire to return something and then spent the store credit on 40%-off perrenials from their Garden Centre. What a deal!

After dropping me off and unloading everything, she loaded up the car with all the things I needed to send home. Then I broke a beer bottle in my basement and she helped me clean up that mess too. Which meant washing the entire basement floor, pretty much.

When she left, I kept the momentum up. I did laundry, folded, put away clothes. I cleaned. I finished the planter on my front deck (filled with my cheap plants!). I took the garbage out. I unpacked some of Alex's boxes.

I felt so productive!

I even read all of the flyers as I relaxed and cooled down on my front porch.

It would have been a great night, had I been able to fall asleep! Instead, I was wide awake until well past 2am. And woke up with the garbage truck before my alarm at 7am.

But I rode my bike in to work - thankful that the heat wave has passed. And I just got back from a dim sum lunch with my Mom and Kendra and her maid of honour, Dana.


I'm looking forward to the end of the work day so that I can reconnect with my mom so we can go shopping for birthday presents and shoes/jewelery for her wedding outfit. I LOVE shopping for other people!

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