Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What an interesting day.

They chose my replacement today - I have 3 days to tell her everything. Holy crap.

I presented a portal update to management - good times.

I started my complicated project hand-off to another project manager. Good luck on that one. I still have much work left before I can hand that off in good conscience.

I had coffee with the president of the company and was able to share my reasons for leaving.

I spent over 9 hours at work. And I've already quit?! Who DOES that!?

I got preapproved for a mortgage. I talked about doing something interesting with my RRSPs. I looked at more condos online. MANY of them. My eyes are getting buggy.

I ate way too much homemade granola. I feel ill. If it weren't so damn good, I wouldn't have to eat so much of it.

I wanted to go exercise but my back hurts and I have way too much granola in my belly. Always a good excuse to be found...


Unknown said...

7.7 hours and counting today...

Anonymous said...

"(worked 9 hours..Who does that?" A person of quality with great work ethics, that who!!