Sunday, January 01, 2006

After making rather merry last night at the fun Caribbean Christmas/NYE party, I am feeling exceptionally horrible. I suspect the last fruity concoction that I put down had a little more alcohol in it than I thought. It hit me like a tonne of bricks. And so I switched to drinking water.

I had a great time dancing away in the living room - sometimes with other people, sometimes by myself. And chatting to everyone.

This morning, despite the water, I was sick. I kept throwing up and only now am I starting to feel a little better. I've finally managed to keep down some water.

I'm starving but my stomach isn't interested in any food that I have in my house. And I am strongly averse to venturing outside to get something. I might end up ordering in if I can think of something that I can stomach.

I have spent the entire day in bed, some of it with Alex taking care of me. I got him in trouble with his mom because she was expecting him home and he didn't want to leave me. Finally, I stopped throwing up and just slept, so he felt he could go. He's a good boyfriend.

Baby drunken pants.
How embarrassing.

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