Monday, January 09, 2006

I was so productive today.

I got an employment letter, started my mortgage preapproval process, started up my investment account, saw five resale condos, ate fantastic yummy Thai food at Salad King (by far the best Thai food in the city), shopped for a dress in the sales and did my dishes.

Oh ya, I also did some work in there too.

It's amazing how much life you can have when your life isn't your work.

And then I came home to the best present: my LouLou magazine delivered to my door! It is my guilty pleasure. I have half a mind to wake up early just to make myself a cup of coffee with my new brewer and sit reading my shopping magazine before I even think about getting dressed.

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Anonymous said...

you think LouLou is a great shopping magazine ? wait til you get Wish magazine . AND it too is Canadian. remember you people out there: support Canadian arts: literature & publishing & even cinema (although supporting Star Trek is also good)
I too have a new expresso/cap machine from 'the party'. Wow is that nice to come home to !! It had no instructions, so will someone tell me how to make a cap versus an expresso?