Sunday, January 22, 2006

Today I went to a baby shower for my friend Theresa (and of course her husband Josh) at her sister's place in Forest Hill (drool).

It was the first time that I'd seen them in months! Theresa is really pregnant. It's crazy to look at her belly and understand there's a person rolling around inside there.

Of course, they got lots of really cute baby things - all sorts of soft pretty things. I bought off of their baby registry, which meant really boring things like outlet covers, soothers and a thermometer. All sensible stuff for first-time mommies.

And I threw in a couple of things for the mom-to-be: bubble bath and chocolate bonbons. I can imagine that these last weeks (month?) are important for getting in all the relaxing she can before the big day.

It was a really nice time, as I got to catch up with all of the DINE girls (our social chow-down group). They marvelled at how long my hair is and wished me luck at my new job starting tomorrow. I found out about their new jobs, horses, houses, courses and travel plans and wished my life were a little more exciting.

I forgot to tell them about the Thai cooking course that I attended yesterday. It was a really nice location (Davenport and Dupont - that would be a nice spot to live!) and the teacher was pretty cool. The food was fanstastic and we at a LOT. However, in order to involve everyone and still get done in the 3 hours that it was supposed to take, they had done all the prep work and only some people were able to help with any dish prepared.

My big contribution was zesting the lemon for the red curry chicken. I also drank 2 glasses of wine and chatted with some of the other nice ladies in the class. So I pulled my weight ;)

We all made our own cold spring rolls, which was fun. We went home with the recipes, along with hand-written variations and tips, as well as bellies filled with yummy Thai food.

I got some suggestions for great Thai restaurants around the city and found out that my favourites are strong choices:
  • Salad King - Gould St - recommend the Islamic noodles
  • Bangkok Garden - Elm St - recommend the satay and red curry

    Now I'll have more courage to create my own Thai sensations at home, and finally have some friends over for a dinner party chez moi.

    Anonymous said...

    I am disapointed for you ...I really thought this was 'hands on' when I spoke to the chef. I even asked her to let us know when part 2 was to be taught as I was sure you'd want the advanced stuff..But if all you get to do is watch, it is only an expensive glorified cooking show. Disappointment !

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Cath! My hair is still wet from the wonderfully delicious fig & melon bubble bath I took -- thanks for such a yummy smelling bottle of bath stuff! It is much appreciated. It was so nice to see you at the shower.
    I hope your new job is going well. Mine starts in about four weeks, haha. The little boss is wiggling inside, even as I type.