Monday, January 09, 2006

The holidays went out with a bang last night at Matt and Kendra's Christmas party.

It was so great - way too much yummy food and drinks, lots of people, lots of loot. I got some really great stuff and managed to Kendra a nice gift too, complete with a FREE Pilates DVD from a cereal box! (even better than a second-hand one)

I got a one-cup coffee brewer and decaf coffee - yay! Also stuff for my hair to make my curly hair beautiful (ya, it might take a little more than some laminating spray for that...) and a Pilates DVD and a pink purse and bracelet from my mom (she had forgotten some presents).

It was so fun, Alex even said he really liked it AND my family!
That probably made my day.

Well, that and mom's apple pie.

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Anonymous said...

Alex likes our family ? WOW!