Thursday, January 12, 2006

I don't know what's wrong with me. I am STILL in love with my apartment!

Seriously - and it's not even that great.
But I'm always finding things that I love about it:

  • the treadmill in the exercise room upstairs
  • looking out over the city as the sun sets while I sweat my way through 8kms (I'm getting faster!)
  • my walk-in closet - it's like the closet in Narnia, seems an entire world lies behind that door
  • my computer hooked up to my stereo - now I can listen to anything at any time. Who needs the radio? As previously noted, it's crap. Now I just listen to whatever I like and if I don't have it, I download it. And if I'm lacking creativity? Internet radio - did you know that there's a radio station just for Star Wars/Star Trek music? Ya. Love the internet.
  • my orange couch. YA, I know, I could stop there...
  • space to do yoga (on my awesome yoga mat) or dance
  • my blue exercise ball - I sit on it all the time
  • so close to the movie theatre and Indigo that I could probably go in my PJs.
  • proximity to 3 Starbucks, 3 Second Cups, 2 Timothy's. Still would welcome Lettieri in my neighbourhood
  • the quiet residential streets that surround me, giving me a quiet walk to the bus
  • 5 minute walk to the subway
  • 5 minute walk to 24-hr Dominion
  • gorgeous green paint - I think it's the best part
  • lots of light through my big windows
  • total storage space is actually more than I can use!

    And I'm looking to buy a condo?
    That's why it's been so difficult - because I love my place so much. It's got a lot to live up to.

    Another favourite thing? Ya, my Metropass. WHY have I waited til now to get one?
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