Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm reading The Secret Book of Grazia dei Rossi, which I picked up at the second hand bookstore on my week off.

It's a really great book so far - a fantastic way for me to transport myself from the rigours of the subway in the morning.

However, I do have a complaint. The book is supposed to be a mother's memoirs for her son. And yet, the book is filled with her sex life. I understand that there needs to be drama, and don't get me wrong, I enjoy the descriptions (mom, you can go make tea now), but I find it really odd that she would be writing this to her son.

I mean, come on, what parent out there would be writing their sex life down for their kids? First of all, trust me, they don't want to know. Immaculate conceptions, all of us.

Secondly, isn't that sort of weird? You don't read anything in here about Alex and I, um, holding hands, do you? No, because my parents read this! They would be as uncomfortable to read it as I would be to tell them about it.

Is this just me? Are there people out there who are really so open with their families about such matters?

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