Friday, January 06, 2006

Ohmygosh, if there is one thing that I will dearly miss about this job, it is Congee Star.

They have the best Chinese food!

We went for the second time this week and of course I broke down and had my standard BBQ pork noodle soup. It was so damn good. But then, no one else could finish their food! So I ate the BBQ rice noodle roll. And packaged up the rest of the food to take home with me.

Honestly, these people were going to just leave their food for the garbage! No chance! Not with Bachelorette Cathy around!

So here I sit eating Cantonese chow mein - probably the yummiest thing I've eaten all week. Yay for people who can't eat their whole meal (or even half of it).

I'm really sad about soon being parted from my Congee Star!

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