Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day 3 of flossing my teeth every single night. Wow, am I feeling good about that.

I have flossed my teeth only sporadically throughout my life. I did it the most, surprisingly, when I had braces - mostly because I had all that money invested in them and I was damned if something was going to go wrong.

And I figured, hey, it's not going to be this hard FOREVER...

Then I got my permanent retainer and it was, if possible, even harder to floss the front ones.

Any you're thinking, thank GOD she told me that. I have been dying to know about her flossing habits!

OK, fair.
But did you know that good oral health is also linked with a lower incidence of heart disease, stroke and diabetes?

Plus, it makes your breath smell so much better when you don't have rotting food stuck inbetween your teeth.

Tell your boyfriend to read this post.

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