Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I don't usually talk about politics. Mostly because I hate them and feel overwhelmed with sadness at the bleak situation. By that, I mean that there is so much a government can and should do and so very little of it done due to politics.

However, even given my sense of futility, I must urge any Canadian who reads me to vote on Monday.

However, I beg you not to contribute to the incredible conservative fad that's been raging lately.

I don't understand it - I feel like I'm going through the US election all over again when GWB was re-elected. I didn't think that it could happen. I was sure that Americans had to be smarter than that. That they would be able to see through his absolutely transparent bull$*!t.

But they weren't. I felt like I was in the twilight zone.
And that's how I feel now.

Every time I hear Harper speak, I shake my head thinking, "I can't believe that guy got this far." And yet he continues to bring more popularity to his party!?

Who are we? Am I in Canada?

Do you know that they don't want to support the Kyoto accord? I mean, sure, the agreement could have been better. It could have been stronger. But it's all we've got at a global level, driving us toward some standards.

Yes, I know the States didn't agree with it. They were wrong and short-sighted. They're greedy - they don't want to place limits on the comforts and luxuries they've come to expect.

Yes, I know that we're far from meeting the targets. Does that mean that they're not worthy? Instead of mocking them, they should be coming up with or supporting innovative solutions. I personally have read many ideas in the pages of Alternatives magazine; there are no shortage of them.

That's what I want in a government: one that leads the population to help them do things that they cannot do by themselves. They have a responsibility to do so.

Please don't allow the Conservatives to get into power. I know we're smarter than that. Don't let us be the Americans. Vote to make sure we're not.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Everyone should vote. I have voted already... and I am in Australia! Dear Canadians, think twice before you try to find a stupid excuse for not voting!