Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Woke up a little late today after messaging until 2am with friends in Toronto. Well, late for what I wanted to wake up, but it was actually early for me (9am). I had plans to meet my friend Scottish friend, Susan, at Sydney Central Station.

We went to the Chinese Garden in Darling Harbour. So beautiful; I actually took photos, which I usually don't do. We had tea in the chinese tea room, out on the balcony overlooking the garden. I had a lovely pot of jasmine tea and chinese pastries, but I took one look at Susan's massive hot scone with cream and jam and knew I'd chosen badly.

Then we went to the "Sounds of the Outback" free live show at the Australian Northern Territory & Outback Centre nearby. It was interesting to learn about the didgeridoo, how it's made, how it's played, aboriginal folklore and our presenter was so talented. Of course he made all of us participate, and watched as we all, like idiots, flapped our lips and tried to make the right sounds... Susan and I tried with to make the instrument sing like our talented musician. It's tough when you're laughing, let me tell you! Susan couldn't get it to work, but I would like to report that I DID coax a reasonable sound out of the instrument. And felt ridiculous the whole time!

Then we walked around Darling Harbour a bit, got a coffee at Gloria Jeans, my favourite coffee place, continued around Cockle Bay Wharf, up Market Street to Hyde Park (for those following me around on their handy Sydney map... WHAT?! You don't HAVE ONE?!).

We went to the Australian Museum. I managed to get in for $3.20 but Susan paid something like double. I don't know why; maybe it was my lovely smile or the way I batted my eyelashes at the man. Whatever. It was worth every penny! There was a really good Aboiginal/Indigenous Australia exhibit where we spent most of our time. Then we found the biodiversity floor and I immediately wished I left more time for it! However, I did see and touch the stuffed crocodiles and turtles and kangaroo and lizard. It was creepy but interesting. Did you know that Australia has twice the number of species of Europe and North America combined? Crazy but true.

I tried to spend as little time as possible in the insect department, as I was starting to get a little bit of the creepies, looking at them.

Alas, I'd like to go back to that floor, just as I'd like to go back to most of the things I've seen/done here. We'll see if there's time/money/inclination for it later.

Then Susan and I met her friends Matt and Sioban for $5 steak dinners at a local pub near the Capitol Theatre (where Hair is playing).

We went back to Susan's place to watch Neighbours and Home and Away. My first dip into Aussie TV! Very exciting!

Finally got home to Surry Hills to find a lovely Easter card from my Mom and Dad and my cat... with a lovely message inside. My parents are the greatest!

Have forgotten my journal in Turramurra so my site update will have to wait another day. Besides, it's getting late and I have another "early", fun-packed day tomorrow.

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