Sunday, April 06, 2003

At a web cafe (well, nothing really cafe-ish about the place, I guess).

Saw a nice place this morning. 5 more places to go. Sent some resumes out to temping agencies. Finding a job is tough going. Any suggestions? I know, Scott Selby already suggested that I work as a waitress at a nudie bar, so I'm already aware of that suggestion, thanks.

On the weekend, Sonal and Ryan and I went to an RSL, which is basically a casino with ONLY slot machines. I lost $5. But it was interesting. All the locals were out. Gosford locals tend to be a little like northern-Ontario locals. If you know what I mean. Andy should.

Still feeling a bit like a stranger here. Sonal and Ryan have been SUPER nice and so have the Plains and I did go around with Susan on Friday and met her friend Nessa from Ireland... everyone is so great. But no close friends. Haven't had time to do fun things on my own yet, either, so that means I'm not much enjoying my time alone. I'm sure it'll be better once I get everything sorted out.

I should also find a bank today.

I also seem destined to have bad hair days EVERY single day I'm here. Could be worse, I guess. At least the weather has cooperated. It's beautiful out today! Like Ontario in early fall. Perfect.

Time's almost up here. Gotta go!

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