Thursday, April 10, 2003

Went out to Salsa night at the local bar.

News flash: I cannot dance. At least, I can't dance salsa. I looked and felt a bit foolish. However, everyone else looked BEAUTIFUL! People that can Salsa are sexy. Even if they're not actually attractive. So that leaves me out.

Although I did get a few offers from less-than-desirable men. And I did dance with a couple of guys. I was hopeless. Next week, I'm going to the lesson beforehand. I really would like to learn.

Femke and I were invited to a salsa party on Saturday. She can dance, though. She says she can't, but CLEARLY she can. We were also invited out tonight (Friday) to another bar/club.

Also last night, Femke and I did a trial class of "body pump" at the local gym. I might be joining the gym. It always makes me feel better to exercise. I'm also thinking of doing a "learn-to-surf" day trip. Trying to decide between that and a trip to Kangaroo Valley or a 2-day trip to the Blue Mountains. Maybe all of the above? Maybe I should get a job first!

Today I'm off to Darling Harbour to explore.

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