Sunday, April 27, 2003

I took my own advice and decided to just get out there.

Friday was Anzac Day. When I woke up, I still wasn't sure what I was going to do with the day. AS I walked, however, it seemed fitting when I stumbled on the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park. So I visited the museum inside (I had already missed the parade and memorial services, though everyone says that's boring anyway).

Went for a long walk around the city, had a coffee at Gloria Jeans, ended up down at Darling Harbour and found out when the next IMAX movie that I wanted to see was playing. Walked back up to Hyde Park to write in my journal, and was just doing so when Alex called. While we talked, all manner of wild animals passed by... bats overhead, a rat, a mouse... I decided to get up and walk. Which was nice until I stopped before the Pool of Reflection (in front of the Anzac Memorial) and an odd drunken man tried to strike up a conversation with me WHILE I was on the phone, by saying "So I guess you got the right one."

Ya, I don't know, either. I hurried away.

I got home in time to get to the gym for a quick run before heading off to Darling Harbour again for the Australia IMAX movie. I got a nice traveller's deal, although it was still too expensive for an HOUR! Beautiful film, though.

Outside, I caught a busker/street performer act... the crazy scot was juggling firebrands. And I do believe that Sydney is best viewed at night.

Back at home, I found my housemate Ander watching movies. I joined him for the riveting documentary: "Reversing Extinction: The Tasmanian Tiger." Well, it was interesting and fit in with my general goal of increasing my knowledge of Australia. Although I'm not sure that I'd recommend it to anyone at home. Except maybe my Dad. I think my Dad needs to get the Discovery Channel. He'd never video-geek again if he did.

Saturday, again I awoke not knowing what the day had in store. Ended up at Paddington Market... it was a lovely walk and a fantastic market, with all manner of artisans and home-grown products. A great place to buy souvenirs and clothes, if I had room in my pack :( But I instead bought a present for my housemate Kate's birthday. And got a nice Chinese massage. Lovely. Stopped in at a Photographic Arts museum and a bottle shop on the way home. Saturday was Kate's birthday party. Had a fantastic time - met heaps of people, several job leads, and made a date to go to Royal National Park next weekend.

Sunday was a bit of a write off, since it rained, rained, rained. All day. Poured, actually.
But I saw a good Aussie movie, "The Dish". I recommend it, although I think Sarah might be the only one who would actually watch it.

And now, it's monday morning and I'm getting back to work.
I'm looking forward to the X-Men release on Wednesday!

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