Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Another day, another web cafe.

Would like to report that I think I have a place to stay in Sydney city. I've been staying north of the city in either Gosford (with Sonal) or Turramurra (with the Plain family). Both have been wonderfully nice to me, but it's time to get independent.

This place is about 10 minutes walk from Central Station. I would share the room with a Dutch girl named Famke (whom I just met today at Starbucks and she's a lovely girl on a year-long round-the-world-tour). We'd also share the bathroom. But there are 4 others in the house, all great people. Reasonable price ($140/wk) and clean and safe. AND it has free Internet access!

I also looked into banks today and just have to figure out which one is best for me and then get a job to put some money into it!

Tonight I'm going out with Famke and her friends for dinner and a movie, so that should be fun. Yesterday, I got "home" to Gosford really late (10pm?) after a whirlwind day in the city looking at different places. CRAZY DAY. Today is much more relaxed.

I got my FIRST phone call from Canada this afternoon from Al. It made me feel a little less lonely. So a big thanks to him for that. I hear that it's snowing over there... SUCKERS! It's about 24 degrees here, although cloudy. I'm wearing a skirt and sandals. Although I'm STILL having a bad hair week. AT least I didn't pay $50 to have a bad hair day like my sister who emailed me about it yesterday.

I have to go apply for more temp jobs now!
Miss me!

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