Sunday, April 13, 2003

Sad Girl.
Apparently, I've missed the call from my family! I don't know how it happened, as we planned the time and everything. Disappointing. However, I just got a call from my sister. YAY!

Last night, I went out with Femke and her Irish friend, Helen, who is just finishing her year in Australia. She told me lots of great stuff and told me not to worry about getting into debt while I'm here.

Femke and I walked all over, looking for a place to go dancing. It seems that all the pubs close down at midnight! So we came back to our house and ate peanut butter sandwiches and talked about our lives and loves at home. It was nice.

Today I've been looking into travel options around Sydney and how to get up the coast in June. I think I'll go to the travel agent on Monday about it all just to cheer myself up about the great adventures in my future!

Now, I'm off to Paddy's market for some groceries.

Tonight I'm going to a BBQ in Bondi Beach with Femke's friends. FUN!

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