Wednesday, April 09, 2003

It's downpouring right now. So I can do email and update my site instead of going out to check out the gym that I was going to check out with Famke. It should stop in a minute, I'm sure, or the skies will be drained for years to come.

Australia is in permanent water-conservation-mode due to draughts. To that end, their toilets (ALL of their toilets) have low water and have two flush settings: 1/2 for little jobs and full flush for the big jobs. I think that's a great idea and we should have that in N. America too. We're too spoiled and used to having water... well, not my parents, who have their own well, but everyone else is.

The transit system is also way better than Toronto's. It reaches much further out into the suburbs. The trains are much like the GO Trains, only cheaper and go to a wider variety of locations. They also have a bus, monorail, light rail, and ferry system. All very good.

And necessary: there are no highways going into the city, so it takes forever to get to the city centre by car.

The rain has stopped, as predicted. Off I go...

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