Thursday, April 03, 2003

Crazy day.

Good: got my working holiday visa designation in my passport.
Problem: didn't get a bank account, but can look up rates online tonight I hope.

Problem: didn't find a place to stay. All the hostels were kind of... too busy/messy/expensive/noisy... whatever.
Good: I met a wonderful girl named Susan from Scotland who's in Sydney for about the same amount of time and she had some ideas about alternative accommodation, so we're meeting tomorrow to go look into them. See for what I mean.

Problem: didn't get a mobile phone (they don't call them "cell" phones here)
Good: found the place where I can look into that tomorrow. If I have time. Also found some people who are selling their phones. I'll ask what that means for a mobile plan...

Problem: didn't find a job.
Good: did get some leads on recruiting/temp agencies. And some job postings on some of the hostel's posting boards.

I feel better today. Aside from this damn migraine.
I love being busy, clearly. And I love meeting people. Clearly.

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