Wednesday, April 09, 2003

First post from my new "home".

I'm glad I didn't take more than what I have, as even carrying that much killed me, coming here. Maybe a wheelable suitcase/backpack would have been a good option afterall! Hindsight is 20/20.

Got a call from Alex this afternoon. It was nice to hear from him and to have him be able to share his latest girl stories, just as if I were in Toronto. Of course, for me it was the Wednesday afternoon and for him, that day hadn't even started yet. That continually amazes me.

Last night I went out to a really nice place for dinner in King's Cross, called "Bed". Kings Cross is supposed to be the red light district of the city, and I guess there were a lot of weirdos hanging around. But generally, it wasn't bad. Of course, I was with a group of people, so that probably helped. It was nice to go out with other travellers. It was with Famke, my new roommate, and her Dutch friends Karen and Suzan. They are all stunning, so I sat there feeling a little like the ugly duckling, sipping my wine. I had yummy Barramundi (white fish) for dinner.

It all meant that I got home very late to Gosford, woke up late, packed my things and went to Turramurra to pick up all the rest of my things. Then I trekked here and, well. Here I am. A little nervous.

Must get to the bank to get my bond money (like last month's rent only instead of giving it back to you, they refund it to you at the end of the stay). I hope that I can actually get money out of the bank with my bank card. If not, I'm sure I can figure out what to do.

Still no job. Which means that I now have to get back to working on that. Stop distracting me!

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